MISSION TO KIEV – November 2016

At the beginning of November 2016, a group of veterans from the United Kingdom, Russia, Italy and Serbia will travel to Kiev in Ukraine to join local veterans in their commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of the Second Battle of Kiev which brought the city’s liberation from Nazi invaders on the 6th of November 1943.

HRH Prince Michael of Kent, in his personal greeting to the veterans said:
HRH Prince Michael of Kent

“Ukraine played a very significant role during the war at a cost of nearly seven million of lives, and some of the worst atrocities occurred on Ukrainian soil. The Ukrainian veterans have our profound respect and admiration which should serve as a legacy for future generations.”

The visiting delegation of veterans will include:

Three British veterans of Arctic Convoys from London: Ernie Davies, John Brown, Seymour Taylor

Russian veterans from Moscow: Valentin Soldatov, Nikolai Imchouk, Boris Davydov

Russian lady veteran of Arctic Convoys from St. Petersburg: Lidia Ananyeva

Serbian veteran from Belgrade: Zdenko Duplančić

Italian veteran from Florence: Count Corrado Liberati

The main objectives of this visit are:

  1. To provide the opportunity for the veterans to jointly celebrate the 73rd Anniversary of Kiev Liberation;
  2. To provide the guest veterans with the opportunity to take part in the commemorative festivities of Kiev;
  3. To provide the guest veterans with the opportunity to visit the capital of Ukraine and its historic sights.

This visit will highlight the importance of human values, friendship and solidarity between the people of European Nations, revealing the historic role of Ukraine in the liberation of Europe.

For further information, please contact Eugene Kasevin via ek@mission4peace.com


The Declaration of Nations Reconciliation was signed by the Second World War veterans, diplomats and guests during the ‘Message to the World’ event that took place on Sunday 8 May 2016 in the International Maritime Museum Hamburg, Germany.


The participating veterans were: Mr. Hans-Jürgen Steffen from Germany; Mr. Ernie Davies and Mr. Seymour Taylor from the United Kingdom; Mr. Yuri Alexandrov and Mr. Taras Goncharenko from the Russian Federation; Mr. Zdenko Duplančić from Serbia; Mr. Piet van der Burgh from the Netherlands; Count Corrado Liberati from Italy.

Commentaries from public figures:


“At a time of considerable international tension, mission4peace is a timely and thought provoking initiative that deserves the attention and support of us all.”

Former Chief of the Defence Staff and Head of the British Armed Forces, General Lord David Richards of Herstmonceux GCB CBE DSO


“mission4peace and its ‘Message to the World’ is a most worthy concept. Any initiative that sets out to improve relationships across all countries such that reverting to violence can become a thing of the past is to be commended.”

Admiral of the Fleet Lord Michael Cecil Boyce KG, GCB, OBE, DL


“The goals of mission4peace and the “Message to the World” event are honourable and fit perfectly to the goals of our house. In support of mission4peace we are greatly looking forward to welcome on May 8, veterans, diplomats and the world in the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg. We are confident that this outstanding event will help to create strong and peaceful international relations and will therefore help to preserve history for future generations.”

Professor Peter Tamm is the Founder of the Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg


“As an historian dealing with centuries bedevilled by almost constant wars, I do share the ancient adagio ‘pax optima rerum’ [peace is the best of all things]. Missions that remind us of this exquisite value deserve our support.”

Prof. Dr. Mark Sven Hengerer – Professor of History and Chair of ‘History of Western Europe in the early modern period’ for Ludwig Maximilian University Munich

The Project Founders and the event organisers express their deep gratitude for the following individuals and organisations for contributing towards the success of a historic event:

  • Our eight veterans for their dedication to the course of mission4peace project and the event.
  • Professor Peter Tamm and the Team of the International Maritime History Museum Hamburg (Germany).
  • The Ambassador of Belgium to Germany, H.E. Ghislain D’Hoop for his participation and inspiring speech.
  • The Italian Consul General In Hannover, Mr. Flavio Rodilosso for his participation.
  • The Polar Convoy Club St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Gielt Algra and Dutch Veterans Institute for the assistance with Mr. Piet van der Burgh.
  • Milos Bogićević and the SUBNOR Veterans Organisation in Belgrade for the assistance with Mr. Zdenko Duplančić.
  • Friederike Krum (UK), Mezzo-Soprano, whose heavenly voice enriched the event with unforgettable melodies.
  • Borco-Marken-Import Matthiesen Gmbh & Co. for supply of Russian Standard Premium vodka and Delaforce Bianco wine  for the reception.
  • Christiane Harms and everyone at Elbschloss Residenz GmbH for their superb hospitality.
  • Embassies of the Netherlands, Italy and Serbia for their help in locating our veterans.
  • Barry Martin and Margaret Rowse of The Russia House Ltd (UK) for their organisational and personal support.
  • Boris Arkhipov and the Russian Consulate in Hamburg.
  • Paul Clothier and Peter Hambro (UK) for their personal contributions and support of the event.
  • Clara Choley (France) for the personal support and the assistance with the veterans.
  • Satu Panzner and the German Society for Maritime And Naval History.
  • Elena Erina (Russia) for interpreting assistance.
  • Michael Nagel (UK) for the assistance in organising wheelchair.
  • Everyone who took part in the event.